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Water Management

Thank you for visiting the ECM Water Management website! We hope you enjoy browsing our website and that you find lots of useful information. 

At ECM we know that with the ever increasing demand for freshwater, and the serious drought conditions in many parts of the world, It's time to take action and become better managers of our water. ECM Water Management, provides water use auditing to residential, commercial, and industrial facilities in the state of  California. ECM also offers Water management training and education. ECM can consult, design and install Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater systems to your own unique specific needs. ECM will go above and beyond, and will be involved in every aspect of the Water Management process, from inception to completion. We are passionate about water, and are confident we help with all your water needs​.

Everyone needs to know how to save water, why they should, and how it will affect the future of our most valuable resource.

ECM Water Management Solutions and Systems